Snic Barnes


Snic Barnes draws inspiration from technological advancement, urban decay, and natural environments. Having gained much acclaim for his electro-forming techniques as a mixed media pipe-maker, his recent body of work focuses back to his roots in the glass medium.

Incorporating new color pallets, transparent glass blending techniques, and color experiments into his new body of work, the artist has found himself reinvigorated through showcasing the diversity in his skill sets.

Snic Barnes pushes forward with the creation of more technically advanced, intricate and transparent works. He continues to challenge himself as an artist, “With other materials you can hide. With glass, there is no hiding!”

The artists’ current focus is on continuing to push the envelope, and to continually be able to manifest his reality through the glass medium. The artist’s goal is to move forward in a positive manner both personally and artistically, creating innovative works that highlight the inherent beauty of the glass itself.

Current Works include:
- Cat skulls
- Rigs of Venice